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Sarah Day Levesque

Sarah Day Levesque is the Director of Content for HighQuest Group, a position she held since her return to the company in early 2014. For five years from 2007 to 2012 she served as Content Manager and Research Analyst for the company.

She is responsible for agenda development and speaker recruitment for the company’s Oilseed & Grain Trade and Women in Agribusiness events, as well as managing the company’s media and research products for the Global AgInvesting, Oilseed & Grain Trade and Women in Agribusiness brands.

Ms. Day Levesque’s background in agri-food research is diverse. She served as a commodity and food analyst for Mintel, a global market research company from 2012-2014. Prior to joining HighQuest Group, she used GIS software to analyze the effects of pesticide use on orchard crops in California’s Central Valley and, through her work at the International Livestock Research Institute, examined milk processing and merchandising in Kenya’s informal dairy industry. The latter resulted in her developing relevant policy objectives for informal milk safety and market development. Areas of expertise include vegetable protein and soyfood markets and she has extensive experience evaluating the implications of consumer food trends on food and agricultural markets. She has also served as the lead author on HighQuest Groups’ Soyfoods Reports, Soy Protein Reports and Women in Agribusiness Study.

Ms. Day Levesque received a Master of Science in Agricultural and Resource Economics and a Master of Science in International Agricultural Development from University of California, Davis. She holds a Bachelor of Science in International Agricultural Development from the same university.

Contact Ms. Day Levesque at sdaylevesque@highquestpartners.com


Ms. Day Levesque's speaking engagements have included:

2010 – At the Texturized Vegetable Protein & Other Soy Products Short Course at Texas A&M on the Global Soy Protein Market

2009 – At the Soy and Strategic Marketing in Barcelona, Spain on The Global Market for Soy, Soy Ingredients and Soyfoods

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