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Study by HighQuest Partners Provides Insight on Current Developments in Global Farmland Investing (2.10.2011)

A recent special report on global farmland investing issued by Reuters (SPECIAL REPORT: In Global Land Rush, a Search for Fair Returns published on January 31, 2011) quotes Philippe de Lapérouse, Managing Director at HighQuest Partners, regarding developments in this emerging asset class. Mr. de Lapérouse is the author of the study commissioned by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) “that estimated that global private sector investment in agriculture hit $14 billion in 2010”.  This study provides insight on the profile and role of private investment groups as they pertain to global development of farmland and finance agricultural Infrastructure projects.

According to Mr. de Lapérouse, a number of key drivers, including the ongoing turmoil in financial markets and strong fundamentals in the agricultural sector, are increasing demands on row crop and animal protein production. We expect to see continued allocation of risk capital into this emerging asset class by both strategic and financial investors. There are many interesting investment opportunities in all the major agricultural producing regions of the globe to acquire and transform productivity of farmland and develop the infrastructure required to enhance market access for crops and animal protein production.

The study Private Financial Sector Investment in Farmland and Agricultural Infrastructure can be downloaded from the OECD’a web site here.

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