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Jim Rogers speaks to agricultural investing trends as preview to Global AgInvesting conference (4.12.2012)
BOSTON, Mass., April 12, 2012 – If investors follow the advice of Jim Rogers, renowned investment guru, there will be a lot more people purchasing farms and investing their money in commodities. Rogers presented his views on investing in agriculture during an exclusive executive interview with Greg Mellinger, CEO of HighQuest Partners, who will host the Global AgInvestingSM conference, April 23-25 in New York, where Rogers will be the keynote speaker.
During the interview, Rogers, who has been a source for investment advice and financial strategy for decades, answered the questions of why ag is an attractive investment right now and what the future holds for ag investing, and whether there is a farmland bubble looming. 
“The most promising payback in agriculture is to become a farmer,” said Rogers, who noted huge return opportunities in farming for many reasons, but also simply because we need more food to feed the world. “Farming can once again be one of the great areas of the world economy as economies of scale come into play, higher prices come into play, and technology comes into play. Few are rushing out to buy a farm yet; but it will come.”
Rogers spoke of the cycle in history of long periods when financial types were in charge, followed by long periods when producers of real goods were in charge, predicting that the time was coming when students of farming would reach levels of those achieving MBAs. “Someday it’s going to be that America will be producing tens of thousands of agriculture graduates, as we did once upon a time, and there are not going to be many MBAs,” said Rogers. “When the huge secular changes come, nobody can conceive of how high prices can go and will go and returns will go.”
Hear more of this dynamic interview at www.globalaginvesting.com, or register to attend the Global AgInvesting conference and listen to Rogers in person as he presents “How I See the World Today and What I Am Doing About It,” on April 24. 
Global AgInvesting, which brings together more senior-level decision makers than any other agriculture investment conference in the world, will offer a comprehensive overview of agriculture investment opportunities, risks and return profiles across global production regions, and strategies for diversified ag portfolios including regional variation, liquid strategies and more. 

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