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HighQuest Board Red Flag Perspective Featured in Prominent Magazine (1.15.2006)

 New York, NY, (January 15, 2006) - HighQuest Partners announced today that Financial Solutions International (FSI), a leading Risk Management Magazine for the Financial Services Industry, has published in its Winter 2005/2006 edition an in depth article written by Thomas Bartlett of HighQuest Partners, describing the importance of Red Flag reporting for Boards of Directors. The article makes the case that increased accountability and responsibility expected of Boards heightens the importance of having in place effective systematic reporting mechanisms to capture minor incidents and precursors of potentially serious ethics, compliance, financial, and operational risks. As company management has the ability to mask, alter, or deemphasize growing risks, Boards should be seeking to systematically view objective risk indicators, called “red flags” or crisis precursors. The article’s author remarks “gone are the days when Boards implicitly trusted management. Boards today are not only concerned about hidden risks, they are “on the hook” legally to do everything in their powers to work with management to effectively control risks of the corporations they oversee.” This development has significant implications for management and its dealings with Board members and for the Boards themselves. While Board Red Flag reports do not interfere with the trust between the Board and senior management, they put Board members in a better position to understand and take action on the higher profile risks that may impact their companies. Tom Bartlett, who has experience in designing and building red flag management information systems for major companies, offers examples of red flag reports implemented in major industries and describes the multiple ways that such reports add value.

About HighQuest Partners

HighQuest Partners is a management consulting firm that helps Global 1000 companies to enter, grow, and succeed in global markets. HighQuest Partners' consulting services are tailored to the business, cultural, and operating needs of its clients in pursuit of their objectives. Since 2000, we have completed significant strategy and corporate governance work with leading companies and their subsidiaries in the Food, Agribusiness, Biofuels, and Industrial Conglomerate sectors.

HighQuest Partners owns a subsidiary called Soyatech LLC. After completing several successful mandates with Soyatech, HighQuest Partners acquired Soyatech in January of 2006. Founded in 1985, Soyatech is an internationally recognized publishing, research and consulting firm in the Soybean, Oilseed, Agribusiness, Food and Biofuels industries. For more information on Soyatech, please go to www.soyatech.com.

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