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HighQuest article highlight of Alternative Emerging Investor magazine: Soybean competitiveness: A Look at Cost Curves & Seasonality
by Kyle Wendling, HighQuest Partners (10.11.2013)

BOSTON (10/9/13) -- The research of Kyle Wendling, senior analyst and business development manager for HighQuest Partners' Global AgInvesting Research & Insight platform, was recently published in Alternative Emerging Investor, Oct/Nov issue, 2013.   See the entire article here, or visit www.aeinvestor.com for a full subscription to the magazine.

"Over the last several decades, soy production and consumption has grown steadily around the world. Currently, the crop is grown in more than 50 countries, and the top three producers are the U.S., Brazil and Argentina. By far the largest soy- bean consumer is China, which consumed approximately 76 million metric tons in 2012 – 26 million more than the U.S., the second-largest consumer. However, Chi- na’s annual soybean production is a mere 14 million metric tons, resulting in a 61 mil- lion metric ton deficit. This deficit is filled by imports, primarily from the three largest exporters – the U.S., Brazil and Argentina. This raises two important questions: What is the relationship between U.S. and South American (Brazilian and Argentine) beans? And, are they substitute or complementary products? In an attempt to answer these questions, the following analysis examines the differences in the export cost curves and seasonality of these two production regions...."

Read more here.

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