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Just-released report about women in agribusiness provides actionable items
for recruiting, retaining and advancing women in the sector

BOSTON (11/19/13) – Agribusinesses looking to maximize their workforce and capitalize on the unique skill set brought to the table by women, need to look no further than the latest comprehensive report on women in agribusiness, entitled “The Changing Demographics and Experience of Women in Agribusiness.”

Through a detailed examination of information provided by more than 180 U.S. agribusiness and food industry companies, the report spotlights the most effective strategies for recruiting, retaining and advancing women for the benefit of a more financially productive business. Sponsored by Agrium, FFA, Hancock Agricultural Investment Group, Mosaic and Zoetis, the key results of the study were presented at the recent Women in Agribusiness Summit (www.womeninag.com) in Minneapolis, Minn.

“The report provides a snapshot of women in the industry today, highlighting the areas in which there are opportunities to increase women’s participation and leadership, which will improve the performance and competitiveness of agribusinesses worldwide,” said Joy O’Shaughnessy, director of Women in Agribusiness at HighQuest Partners, the global food and agribusiness consultancy that completed the study. “It is designed to serve as a tool to steer companies, and the industry as a whole, to a more gender-inclusive workforce.”

Purchasers of the 60-page report will gain information on:

➢ Detailed demographics on the current women in the sector;
➢ Thorough analysis of the efficacy of study participants’ retention and advancement programs;
➢ Comprehensive data and insights from surveys with experienced women in agribusiness; and
➢ Strategies and key points for successful gender inclusion in agribusiness, and the most effective ways to implement programs.

The statistically rich report uncovers industry facts that illustrate the need for advancement of women in agribusiness. This includes:

➢ Evidence that agricultural and food companies are struggling to attract enough employees to meet labor demands, suggesting increasing opportunities for women to participate in the sector.
➢ While men and women graduate about evenly with ag degrees, women are still underrepresented in more advanced positions in the sector, and in fact, most women are in junior level positions (41%) and over 80% of the HR, customer service and office administration positions are held by women.
➢ Nearly 30% of women currently working the industry have been there for more than 15 years, forecasting an increase in demand for talent in the near future.
➢ Companies with the most female representation on boards have better financial performance than those with the fewest women board members.
“The time is ripe to be conscious of the huge, valuable resource we have in women for advanced roles in agribusiness,” said O’Shaughnessy. “This report can be the guidebook to ensuring that change to attract, retain, challenge and advance women in the ever-growing agribusiness sector.”

The report is available for purchase, either on-line at http://goo.gl/byC79 or by contacting Belinda Harter at Belinda@womeninag.com. Use promotional code: WIAREPORT-PR11 to get 5% off the purchase price.

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