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HighQuest managing director authors article on aquaculture in Alternative Emerging Investor magazine (2.6.2014)

BOSTON (2/6/14) -- Philippe de Lapérouse, managing director for HighQuest Partners, has authored a piece on aquaculture, titled "Aquaculture: A New Frontier for Institutional Investors," that was printed in the February/March issue of Alternative Emerging Investor.  See the entire article here, or visit www.aeinvestor.com for a full subscription to the magazine.

Read an excerpt below:

A New Frontier for Institutional Investors

By Philippe de Lapérouse | February 4, 2014

Growing Demand for Seafood

"Rising GDP in developing markets throughout Asia, the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa is resulting in the emergence of highly urbanized middle classes, which are transitioning from primarily grain-based diets to increasing consumption of animal proteins. The strong correlation between animal protein consumption and per capita GDP, referred to as Bennett’s law (which posits that as individuals become wealthier, they switch from simple starchy plant-dominated diets to a more varied food input that includes a range of vegetables, fruit, dairy products, and especially meat) is illustrated in Table 1....."



Philippe de Lapérouse has more than 30 years of senior level experience working with leading global companies in the agro-industrial and value-added food chain, including Ralston Purina and Bunge, as well as working as an investment banker at the beginning of his career.

As Managing Director of HighQuest Partners, he leads the firm’s Global Food Agribusiness and Biofuels advisory practice. He has led over 50 engagements advising executive teams of major strategic and financial investors operating and investing globally across the food, biotech and bioenergy value chains to on making informed decisions regarding resource allocation, new business opportunities and developing investment strategies to address the challenges facing global agriculture.

Prior to joining HighQuest, Mr. de Lapérouse was Director of Business Development for Bunge North America, Inc., where he was responsible for the company’s efforts to expand its oilseed processing operations into Mexico and the Caribbean Basin, as well as developing export markets for oilseed products and feed grains into the Caribbean, North Africa and eastern Mediterranean. Previously, Mr. de Lapérouse held senior line management positions with Ralston Purina International where he managed line operations and was responsible for functions including marketing, sales and developing dealer distribution networks, targeting the industrial livestock and poultry sectors in Western, Central and Eastern Europe.

Mr. de Lapérouse was a director of Sodrugestvo Management Company, Ltd., the leading importer, crusher and distributor of soybeans and feed ingredients in Russia from 2009 to 2012 and was instrumental in making the introduction which resulted in Mitsui acquiring a 10% shareholding in the company. He is the author of the report, Private Financial Sector Investment in Farmland and Agricultural Infrastructure (2010) which was commissioned by the Agri-food Trade and Markets Directorate for Trade and Agriculture of the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) to provide insights on this emerging asset class and the impact that private sector investment is having on the regions in which they are investing.

Mr. de Lapérouse received his B.A. degree from Trinity College and an M.B.A. degree from The Darden School of Business at The University of Virginia.

Email: Philippe de Lapérouse




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