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In the Press: HighQuest Partners' Consulting transportation study (12.15.2014)

HighQuest  Partners Consulting arm conducts due diligence for companies seeking to invest in or acquire agribusiness operations around the world, and is often called upon to comment on key issues in agribusiness worldwide. Recently, the consulting group completed a study that compares the cost, transit time and predictability of transporting soybeans from the U.S., Brazil and Argentina to nine international destinations.

The 65-page study, performed on behalf of the United States Soybean Export Council (USSEC) and the Soy Transportation Coalition (STC), highlights the reasons that have resulted in the U.S. soybean industry achieving the reputation of being the most cost effective and reliable supplier of soybeans and soy products in the international marketplace. Read more about the study here, and see the press pick-ups on the study below:

High-Speed Export Routes Still Under Construction, by Marcia Zarley Taylor, DTN Progressive Farmer, December 10, 2014

Study Shows Soybean Transportation More Predictable in U.S. vs. Brazil, Argentina, was picked up by:

Soybean-Farmer-Study-Highlights-Competitive-Advantage-Potential-Challenges-U.S vs. South American Transportation Systems, was picked up by:


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