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Impact of climate change & geopolitical trends on agriculture investment opportunities at Global AgInvesting in New York (3.12.2015)

NEW YORK (March 12, 2015) – What impact will weather have on agricultural investments this year? How will geopolitical trends affect the appetite of institutional investors for exposure in the global agricultural sector? Which sectors of the supply chain are attracting interest from private equity capital? Will cannabis grow to be one of the most investible crops? These questions and more will be revealed at the 7th annual Global AgInvesting (GAI) flagship event, which will be held at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City, April 27-30.

As the world’s largest agriculture investment conference with an attendance in excess of 700, this event provides investors, asset managers, farm and fund managers, and agribusiness executives with three-and-a-half days of critical content and unrivaled networking. Featured speakers and presentations include:

Peter Zeihan, geopolitical strategist and former Stratfor Global Intelligence executive and author of “The Accidental Superpower,” will discuss how geopolitical trends are shaping the global financial system and agricultural sector. He will distill global complexities into actionable items, providing clear concepts of what cannot happen and what is likely to occur very soon, all in the context of exposing the best, most fortuitous agricultural investment opportunities.

Evelyn Browning-Garriss, historical climatologist and author of “The Browning Newsletter,” will deliver a captivating presentation that delves deep into the short- and long-term natural climatic trends that are likely to shape weather patterns, crops and agricultural investments around the globe.

Ejnar Knudsen, managing member at AGR Partners which focuses on food and agriculture investments, will present a dynamic presentation, Bird Watching - Dead Canaries and Black Swans in Various Ag Sectors. Knudsen will make predictions, point out anomalies, and explore once-in-a-lifetime deals that make agriculture a compelling asset class.

Other thought-provoking sessions planned for Global AgInvesting 2015, which is hosted by HighQuest Group, are:

• Panel discussions exploring the investment strategies for private equity, early-stage agtech, permanent crops, dairy and livestock, aquaculture and supply chain logistics
• Geographically-focused discussions on opportunities across major global production regions
• Interactive workshops on land tenure, water rights, talent recruitment and structuring investment vehicles

Attendees can also register for the popular Short Course on Ag Fundamentals on April 27 and the third annual GAI AgTech Investment Summit on April 30. For more information, visit http://www.globalaginvesting.com/GAI15.


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