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Considering ESG goals for a higher return on investments in ag (9.13.2017)

TOKYO, 13 September 2017 – Bringing opportunities to the forefront for agriculture-themed investments around the world and advising on the latest nuances in the sector are what attract attendees to Global AgInvesting Asia. Companies like Japan Post Bank, Nippon Life Insurance Company, The Norinchukin Bank, and Mitsui & Company will attend the event here, 10-11 October at the Hilton Tokyo Shinjuku.

Tops on the list at this seventh annual event, which is the world’s most attended event for connecting innovators and investors in the ag sector, is a panel discussion on responsible agriculture investment strategies to meet environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. By considering ESG goals in investment analysis, a business can invest in a manner consistent with its values. This type of responsible investing is taking hold in the industry, for its ability to provide downside protection while potentially improving the upside.

Elaborating on this topic will be panel speaker Ben King, CEO of Pacific Gold Agriculture LLC. “Responsible and sustainable practices applied across the value chain have the power to not only positively influence ESG matters, but also positively impact profitability and improve risk management,” he said. “A focus on sustainability involves long-term strategies for the efficient use of natural resources, which can also translate to managing land stewardship in a manner that can be prosperous for the land as well as the bottom line.”

Attendees – asset managers, institutional investors, agribusiness executives and more – to Global AgInvesting Asia will leave with a greater understanding of the agriculture investing landscape, from the fundamentals to the opportunities in regions such as Oceania, South America and North America. Key topics include:

• Asian Trading Firms – the M&A Landscape
• Agriculture Investment Opportunities in China
• Finding Opportunity in Supply Chain Traceability
• Current Trends in Global AgTech Investment
• A Comparative Analysis of the Real Assets Bucket – Examining Farmland’s Place Alongside Infrastructure, Real Estate and Timber (see related GAI Gazette article on this topic)

Discounted passes are available for Japanese agribusinesses, early-stage agtech firms and producers. Email info@globalaginvesting.com for details.

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Global AgInvesting (GAI), a brand of U.S.-owned HighQuest Group, is the world’s most well-attended agricultural investment seminar series and leading resource for events, research and insight into the global agricultural sector. www.globalaginvesting.com





【東京2017年9月13日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】世界中の農業投資最前線への参加機会とこの分野での最新動向のアドバイスを求めて、Global AgInvesting Asia への参加予定者が増えている。10月10-11日にヒルトン東京(新宿)で開かれるこのイベントには、ゆうちょ銀行や日本生命保険、農林中央金庫、三井物産などの企業が参加する。


パネルスピーカーになるPacific Gold Agriculture LLCのベン・キング最高経営責任者(CEO)は、このテーマについて「バリューチェーンにまたがる責任ある持続可能な手法は、ESG問題に良い影響を与える力を持つだけでなく、利益率をプラス化し、リスク管理を向上させる。持続可能性の重視は、天然資源の効率的利用に向けた長期戦略を伴い、それが農地と利益を高める形での農地経営管理につながり得る」と説明する。

Global AgInvesting Asia への出席者は資産運用者、機関投資家、アグリビジネス幹部などで、ファンダメンタルズから、オセアニア、南米、北米などの地方での機会まで、農業投資状況へのより深い理解を持つだろう。

*不動産区分の比較分析-インフラ、不動産、木材と並ぶ農地配分の点検(この問題でのGAI Gazetteの関連記事はhttp://www.globalaginvesting.com/gazette-farmland-timber/ を参照)

日本のアグリビジネス、新興アグリテク企業、生産者は割引パスを利用できる。詳しくはinfo@globalaginvesting.com へ電子メールを。

Global AgInvesting (GAI)は米国のHighQuest Groupのブランドで、世界で最も参加者が多い農業投資セミナーシリーズを主催し、世界の農業セクターのイベント、調査、インサイトなどに関する代表的なリソースである。

Michelle Pelletier-Marshall

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