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Soyfoods 2009: Nourishing Innovation Conference Takes Place in Anaheim (3.3.2009)

Soyfoods 2009: Nourishing Innovation Conference Takes Place in Anaheim

Press Release -- ANAHEIM, CA -- March 3, 2009 -- With an agenda focused on marketing healthful foods to today’s consumer and fostering sustainable growth in the soyfoods industry, Soyfoods2009: Nourishing Innovation takes place today in Anaheim, California. The conference brings together many of the world’s leading experts in soy-based and other wholesome foods to explore the potential role for soy in a nutritious and nourishing diet.
Presented by Soyatech in conjunction with Nutracon and Supply Expo, which are produced by New Hope Natural Media, Soyfoods2009 will include sessions covering such topics as:

• The potential for the U.S. soyfoods market
• How soy can help fight America's nutrition problems
• How currently understood soy health benefits affect the market for soyfoods
• Ensuring sustainable supplies of non-GMO and organic soybeans, as well as understanding the role for newly-developed soybean varieties in food products
• The role of soyfoods in developing world nutrition
• Macro trends in North American flavor preferences – and what opportunities these present for healthful foods
• Emerging soybean ingredient processing technologies
• How to evaluate the sustainability of soyfoods as a source of healthful nutrition

Featured speakers include Gary Hirshberg, President and CE-Yo of Stonyfield Farm, who will deliver the keynote address entitled “Authenticity – The Most Important Ingredient in Healthful Foods,” and Dr. Ronald E. Guymon, Director of Corporate Engagements at the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University, who will present “Marketing Nutrition: Lessons for Positioning Soy-Based and Other Healthful Foods.” The speaker roster also includes Neal Bringe, Ph.D., Monsanto; Bob Burke, Natural Products Consulting; Nancy Chapman, Executive Director, Soyfoods Association of North America; Peter Golbitz, Director of International Business Development, SunOpta Grains and Foods Group; Jim Hershey, Executive Director, World Initiative for Soy in Human Health; Joe Jordan, General Manager and Content Director, Soyatech LLC; Dr. Mark Messina, President, Nutrition Matters, Inc.; Steve Walton, General Manager, HealthFocus International; Donald F. Wilkes, President and CEO, Blue Pacific Flavors; and Dr. Lester Wilson, Professor, Iowa State University.

The conference is designed for soyfoods manufacturers and marketers; manufacturers of healthful food ingredients; nutritionists and dieticians; retail food buyers; healthful foods’ manufacturers and marketers; and food processing equipment manufacturers.

About Nutracon Conference & SupplyExpo
The Nutracon Conference (
www.nutraconference.com) and SupplyExpo (www.supplyexpo.com) attract the health and nutrition industry’s senior-level innovators: product development teams, thought-leaders, and renowned experts and professionals interested in science, technology, business issues, global commerce, regulatory updates and market data. Both events are produced by New Hope Natural Media (www.newhope.com), a division of Penton Media, Inc., the leading media resource and information provider for the natural, organic and healthy products industry.

About Soyatech, LLC
Soyatech (
www.soyatech.com) is a global media, marketing, and event company that assists food, oilseed, agri-business, and agri-transportation sector firms to assess and develop market opportunities through its publications, conferences, webinars, and widely used internet platform. Founded in 1985, the company publishes the annual Soya & Oilseed Bluebook, the industry’s leading source of information on oilseed and agribusiness companies and products, an industry-focused email newsletter (in daily and weekly editions), and Soyatech.com, the award-winning business-to-business online resource for the industry. Soyatech’s information services are referred to by tens of thousands of the world’s leading commodity, food and biofuels companies in over 100 countries every week. Soyatech, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of HighQuest Partners
About HighQuest
HighQuest Partners (www.highquestpartners.com) is a management consulting and strategic advisory firm that helps executive teams around the world to make better informed decisions about their strategies, investments/m&a, and governance. Since 1992, HighQuest and its subsidiary SJH & Company have completed over 500 strategic assignments for strategic players and financial investors & their portfolio companies in the global grain, oilseed, food, agribusiness, biofuels, industrial, & financial services sectors.

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