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HighQuest Partners Co-Hosts Global AgInvesting 2009 Conference (4.6.2009)

HighQuest Partners Co-Hosts Global AgInvesting 2009 Conference

Soyatech, LLC -- SOUTHWEST HARBOR, ME -- April 6, 2009 -- HighQuest Partners LLC and the Investment Management Institute (IMI) will present Global AgInvesting 2009. This cutting-edge conference, which will be produced by Soyatech, takes place June 22-23 at the Marriott Eastside Hotel in New York City. It will provide insights about investments in agricultural lands, commodities, and infrastructure to both public and private market investors.
Global AgInvesting 2009 is the premier conference to bring together leading economists, investors and industry experts from the private sector, public sector and academia to address the fundamental issues that will determine where value will be created over the coming decade in terms of crops, geography and infrastructure. Growing world population, rising incomes in the developing world, and the increasing use of biomass for biofuels and industrial applications will drive unprecedented growth in demand for agricultural crops over the next decade.

“Investing anywhere in the worldwide agricultural sector requires a firm understanding of how the complex global agricultural system will evolve in response to diverse and competing demands for acreage and other limited resources. This event is designed to provide a big-picture perspective of the market and provide insights into areas of opportunity and growth,” said Chris Erickson, CEO of Soyatech.

The conference will explore:

•    Agriculture sector fundamentals: meeting global demand for agricultural commodities in 2020
•    How competing demands for food, fuel and industrial applications will drive the market for vegetable oils
•    How increased agricultural production will require corresponding increases in key infrastructure investment
•    Sustainability and the expansion of agriculture
•    Global opportunities in farm land investment

For more information about the conference or to register, visit
www.soyatechevents.com or call 800-424-SOYA.

About Soyatech, LLC
Soyatech (
www.soyatech.com) is a global media, marketing, and event company that assists food, oilseed, agri-business, and agri-transportation sector firms to assess and develop market opportunities through its publications, conferences, webinars, and widely used internet platform. Founded in 1985, the company publishes the annual Soya & Oilseed Bluebook, the industry’s leading source of information on oilseed and agribusiness companies and products, an industry-focused email newsletter (in daily and weekly editions), and Soyatech.com, the award-winning business-to-business online resource for the industry. Soyatech’s information services are referred to by tens of thousands of the world’s leading commodity, food and biofuels companies in over 100 countries every week. Soyatech, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of HighQuest Partners.

About IMI
The Investment Management Institute (IMI), founded in 1981, is a leading company in providing educational forums, conferences and roundtables to institutional investors, consultants, money managers and other members of the investment community. IMI is headquartered in Greenwich, CT with ready access to Wall Street and the hedge fund community. IMI also conducts specialized industry research, publishes industry directories and guides and hosts more than 30 conferences, forums and roundtables each year. In addition, IMI is the founder and developer of the websites for a comprehensive database and host for RFPs used by institutional investors, consultants and money managers. For more information, visit

About HighQuest Partners LLC
HighQuest Partners (www.highquestpartners.com) is a management consulting and strategic advisory firm that helps executive teams around the world to make better informed decisions about their strategies, investments/m&a, and governance. Since 1992, HighQuest and its subsidiary SJH & Company have completed over 500 strategic assignments for strategic players and financial investors & their portfolio companies in the global grain, oilseed, food, agribusiness, biofuels, industrial, & financial services sectors.

For More Information Contact: Hadley Coonley (978)887-8800 email: hcoonley@highquestpartners.com    

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