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Commodity Production, Trade and GM/Non-GMO Issues Top eNews Headlines of 2009 (1.5.2010)

Commodity Production, Trade and GM/Non-GMO Issues Top eNews Headlines of 2009

eNews readers also put Soyatech events at the top of the list
SOUTHWEST HARBOR, ME -- Jan. 5, 2010 -- Soyatech, LLC, the leading intelligence resource for the soybean, oilseed and agribusiness industries, today released its list of the most read Soyatech eNews stories of 2009.

The top Soyatech eNews story of the past year? It was “Antibiotics in Distillers Grains Raising Concerns at FDA,” an Associated Press article published in April, 2009 that drew attention to use of antibiotics in ethanol production, which has been linked to elevated E. coli rates found in cattle and an increase of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

“This was not news that the U.S. ethanol industry, which has been suffering from excess capacity, needed,” said Joe Jordan, Soyatech’s content director, “Use of ethanol byproduct distillers grains (DDGs) in animal feed has provided a desperately needed source of revenue for ethanol producers, and industry readers clearly recognized the adverse impact that the FDA’s concerns over antibiotic contamination would have. Look for more news on this subject since the FDA plans to test both domestic and imported samples of DDGs in 2010 in an effort to better understand how widespread antibiotic residues are.”

Throughout 2009, the global commodity industry remained a topic of keen interest for eNews readers. Chinese reaction to foreign investment in China’s soybean processing sector and the announcement by a consortium including Bunge and Itochu to build a new grain export facility in the northwestern U.S. were among the most read stories. The USDA’s August crop forecast, which predicted a record soybean harvest in the U.S., was also widely read.

Two stories on the list reflected the re-emergence of concerns over agricultural biotechnology as the adoption of GM crops continues to expand in the second decade following their commercial release. One cited a new study that had detected genetically modified genes in wild maize in Mexico and another reported that the maker of Jack Daniel’s whiskey was switching to GM corn, citing as justification for the move that it was just too difficult to obtain sufficient volumes of non-GMO ingredients.

Only one biofuels story made the top ten: a description of USDA research proposing a simplified method of soybean-based biodiesel production.

“We were gratified to realize how interested our readers are in news about events and research produced by Soyatech and its sister company HighQuest Partners,” said Soyatech CEO Chris Erickson, “Eight of the top ten stories we published in 2009 were actually about our endeavors, and we had to take those out of the list to see what else our readers cared about!”

“As the calendar turns to 2010,” said Joe Jordan, “we are excited and curious to see what will emerge as the most important issues of the next year. We are proud to be a leading news source for the industry and deeply appreciate the opportunity we have to provide key information to our readers. We look forward to continuing and deepening relationships with our business partners and friends this year!”

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1. Antibiotics in Distillers Grains Raising Concerns at FDA
2. U.S. Soybean Harvest Expected to Hit Record High
3. New Soybean Meal Processing Method May Simplify Biodiesel Production: USDA Research
4. No End to China's Soybean Wars: Chinese Processors Want Foreign Investment -- on Their Own Terms
5. Bunge, ITOCHU and STX Pan Ocean to Build Export Grain Terminal in the Pacific Northwest
6. New Study Finds GM Genes in Wild Mexican Maize
7. Jack Daniel's Maker Switches to GM Corn for Whiskey Distilling, Blames Shortage of Ingredients
8. SK Food International Rolls Out Identity Preserved Non-GMO Corn Oil
9. Debate Deepens Over Risks of Glyphosate After New Report From Argentina
10. Cargill Debuts New Canola Oil Claiming Lowest Saturated Fat Content of Any Oil on the Market

1. (most read overall) U.S. Ethanol Fleet Forecast to Run at 67% Nameplate Capacity Through 2010, Says HighQuest Partners Expert
2. Soyatech to Co-Organize World Soybean Research Conference in Beijing, China
3. Global Soybean & Grain Transport, Soya & Oilseed Summit to Focus on Charting Course in Dynamic, Troubled Market
4. Blairo Maggi, Brazilian Governor, to Address Soya & Oilseed Summit on Sustainable Soy Production
5. HighQuest Partners and Investment Management Institute to Co-Host Global AgInvesting 2009 Conference
6. Global AgInvesting 2009 Conference to Give Investors the Most Accurate, Actionable Information on Opportunities in World Agriculture
7. Dr. Ron Guymon of Cornell Food and Brand Lab to Speak at Soyfoods2009 Conference
8. Soyfoods Sales Reach All-Time High, Says New Report From Soyatech and SPINS
9. Soyfoods2009: Nourishing Innovation Conference Takes Place in Anaheim
10. Leading Experts to Speak at Global AgInvesting 2009 Conference in New York

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