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Our Services

HighQuest Partners helps clients to make well informed decisions regarding strategy formation, M&A/Investment support and diligence, research, and corporate governance. HighQuest Partners' services are tailored to the operating situation of our clients and we work closely with senior executives and their staff. We conduct our work with a sense of urgency to meet our client's demands, while maintaining our rigorous approach.

Our advisors work closely with executive management teams and their organizations to analyze the market situation and competitor moves and then to craft new business strategies. Our approach to strategy development and execution facilitates rapid delivery of executable plans and minimizes implementation risks. For example, we are able to seamlessly move from the discussion of strategic alternatives to a customized buy-side Merger & Acquisition campaign.

We advise clients on the best practice corporate governance and compliance strategies that reduce operating risks and allow companies to monitor and track ethics, compliance, and business conduct metrics.

Our services within the three industry practices include:

  • strategy development;
  • market research and competitive intelligence;
  • merger and acquisition, investment, joint venture, and alliance support and diligence;
  • product, plant, and facility feasibility studies;
  • trade and regulatory analysis;
  • marketing strategy development;
  • distribution and logistics analysis;
  • leading trend research and analysis;
  • assessment of new technologies; and
  • corporate governance, regulatory, and ethics strategy assessments and remediation.

After 12 years and more than 300 successful consulting engagements, HighQuest Partners remains deeply committed to helping our clients to achieve meaningful business results. HighQuest Partners strives to earn each client's respect, trust, and loyalty.




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